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Xueda Song

FILM CHARLES DARWIN AND THE TREE OF LIFEsee questions on Blackboardobjections to Darwins claim that humans and apes shared a common ancestors centered around the biblical view of human superiority the leaders of the church felt that such a statement demoted God and contradicted the story of creation as told in the BibleLife originated as simple forms which became complex over time some examples of simple life forms that have been discovered in the fossil recordCharnia discovered by young Roger Mason in 1957 a frondlike lifeformjellyfish in Australiarecall that life started with microscopic forms which were too delicate to become fossilizedDarwins belief that species are interconnected requires the existence of intermediate forms examples of which have been foundArchaeopteryx was an intermediary between birds and reptiles purchased by Richard Owenstill a living example of a bird which has claws as wings hthe platypus is has reptilian and mammalian traitshowever at Darwins time the fossil record started abruptly with the Cambrian Period this remained the case until Masons discovery in 1957Various technological advances helped to support Darwins claims about the age of the earth making it older than the 17th cent bishops 4004 BCVictorian geologist pegged the earths age at millions of years 50 years after publication of the Origin Marie Curies discovery
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