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Xueda Song

LECTURE 4 MACROEVOLUTIONMacroevolution relates to how new species are formed and how they changedmust considergeological historysystems of classifications modes of evolutionary changeLinnaean Classificationtaxonomyclassification of humansKingdom Animalia eukaryotic motileheterotrophic depend on other organisms as food sourcePrecambrian Era 610 Maex stromatolite trilobitePhylum Chordatanotochord flexible jointed rod bent by surrounding musclesgill slits at some stage in developmentmuscles respiration Cambrian Period Paleozoic Era 570 Maex amphioxus a translucent fishlike but finless organisms that lives in the shallow parts of seas source of info on vertebrate development bc still living but has been around since about 520 MaSubphylum Vertebratajawless and bony fishes sharks and rays amphibians reptiles mammals birdssegmented spinal columnclosed circulatory system heartblood vesselsdeveloped brain paired sensory structures balance sight olfactionheads and tailsUpper Cambrian Period 510 Maex agnathans lampreys and hagfishmeans lack jawhave a notochord lightsensitive eyes and 2chambered 3Class Mammaliasweat glands incl those modified to produce milk mammaryhairauditory ossicles 3 tiny bones for transmission of sound from outer to inner ear larger more complex brain and esp neocortex sense perception motor functions conscious thought language
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