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Xueda Song

Paleoanthropology Reconstructing Early Hominin Behavior and EcologyHominindistinctive hominin characteristics include bipedal locomotion large brain size and toolmaking behavior these characteristics have evolved at different rates throughout the evolutionary history of homininshominin as opposed to hominid is preferred as it reflects evolutionary relationshipsimage compare traditional classification of hominoids based on morphologyadaptation and the revised classificationnow hominids includes all great apes and hominins specifies humansFour main events in human evolutionarboreal to terrestrial bipedalismencephalization culturecivilizationTwo models for this evolution1upright locomotion led to large brain intelligence and humanity2large brain intelligence led to bipedalism which led to humanity evidence suggests that the first model is more likelyOlduvai Gorgesource of a lot of evidence on the earliest hominin evolutionexcavations 1930s1980s by Mary and Louis Leakeywelldocumented and correlated sequence of geological paleontological archaeological and hominin remains over the last 2 million yearspaleontological evidence of over 150 species of extinct nonhuman animals with clues to ecological conditions of early hominin habitats and fossilized hominins Mioecene very different environment in most of Africa than 23 million years ago onwardsPaleoanthropological fieldwork and analysis includes evidence ofdatingpaleoecologyarchaeological traces of behavior esp when toolmaking beginsanatomical evidence of hominin remainsRequired steps for interpreting the datasee textbookslideLooking to reconstruct lifewaysin terms of diet environment technology and social systemsExperimental archeology used to understand how artifacts were made and used by reconstructing prehistoric techniqueseg stone tool lithic technology direct percussion pressure flaking analysis of
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