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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Film Darwin's Dangerous Idea - October 16.docx

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Keriann Mc Googan

October 16, 2012. Lecture 6 – Film: Darwin’s Dangerous Idea Film  Darwin: all living things on earth are related, everything evolved from the first single-celled organism to erupt within the oceans of early Earth  Today scientists study species in the rainforest lowlands and nearby Andes o 12 species of primates, 550 species of birds, 100 species of frogs have so far been identified  Darwin’s finches o Theorized that finches flew to Galapagos islands from South America o Several different species of finches descended from these initial finches, beaks all slightly modified through generations of adaptation to different types of food on the islands o Envisioned the idea of a tree to explain this idea (Cladogram) o Believed that in nature anything could happen through enough time and collection of small events  E.g. praying mantis in rainforest with extended thorax and wings that look EXACTLY like wings o Praying mantises that don’t look like leaves more likely to be eaten on not pass on their genes, praying mantises that are camouflaged survive better therefore passing on their genes and having their camouflage type traits favoured by natural selection  Animal populations migrating from lowlands to Andes mountains over long periods of time and therefore g
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