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University of Toronto St. George
Leslie Jermyn

lecture5final examjune28 1012pintropositive stereotype still requires critical eye bc stereotyping is not positive in any casenoble savage term may no longer be used but ideas still populareuropean notions of the world have been adopted globally so its valid to look at this situation from European historypoint of viewsymbolsimagery present today drawn from European historyrenaissance rebirth of classical studiesthinkinggreekroman architecturephilosophyhistoryartdarkened middle ages preceded renaissance catholic church squashed outsupressed all classical studies start to question again figure out alternative paths to reasondifferent ways to understand the world not to reject the church but to go along side it maybe church isnt source of all wisdom maybe other ways of thinkinglooked towards Aristotle classic thinkers for a structure of 1492christomber columbus sailed for the new worldeuropeans forced to realize world is larger than they first thought new size forced a new way of thinkingthese new people lived in quite a radically different way of life were impressed by certain parts of their society but for the most part bc state societies werent present it was a challenge for them to understandSpanish tried going westwardportugese went southportugese going south trying to circumnavigate Africa to get to the eastfound groups of native ppls along African coast who lived incredibly different livesphilosophies that were present in 1500s were used to try to understand the new world monogenistssingle birth god created humans only once in the garden of eden story of genesisneeded to explain how these people travelled from the garden of eden somewhere in the middle east and managed to live all around the worldestimated the earth was around 60007000yrs old counted number of generations in old testamentheresy not to supportbelieve biblical storiesconducted experiments to see how far ppl cld walk in a day to see human capacity to walk and immigrate to other parts of the world from the garden of edenhad more support bc it was the easier position to support since it stayed truer to the biblepolygenistsmultiple births god created humans in more than one place multiple sites origineasier to explain how ppl cld be so far apartlook so differentable to extend their argument and say that god created different ppl for
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