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Lecture 9

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Saul Cohen

Ant204 h1-Lecture # 9 A. what is neoliberalism -about social injustices etc. -anthropologists are critcal about it -living in a time where there is not paper, computer or pencils, u go to a lecture and you have to remember it and hopefully understand it all -laptops, phones etc are all designed to distract you -ant204 pencil industry idea that competition is good, the moment that somebody interferes with the natural set up of things than there is competition -competition drives innnovation, more ppl change product for greater efficiency and so on , leads to greater efficiency -more wealth generated also created by competition , develops a great marketing technique and convinces everyone that this is something that we need Course theme: problematic Determinisms -societies, cultures, individuals are made up of a cpmples of interactions -no one factor ultimately determines behaviour or conditions -examples -racial/biological/genetic determinism -cultural determination -environmental determinism Economics Determinism Yet more tha other disciplines, ecnomics rests on simplistic assumptions about humanbehaviour especially) that are taken as given for all time. Economics develops in an intellectual vaccum of high mathematics and unrealistic models, isolates itself from fundamental critiques and raches dubious conclusions that while they affect everyone are conspiciously Five Tenet's of neliberalis tenet 1; the profit Motive -unprofitable = inefficient -cost-benefit anaylsis Five tenets of neoliberalism Tenet 2 commodify everything -commodification eg Bugakhwe culture Assumption Tenet 3;privatize Everythi
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