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Lecture 12

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Saul Cohen

ANT204h1-LECTURE 12 Essay: -thesis statement should be clear usually find it in the conclusion at times. Methodological Approaches  COMPLEITY AND PATTERN IN Gudigwa 1. Community=sameness. Community based conservation, so that they could conserve wildlife and benefit from it as well –very strategic for conservation, but by defing everyone as a community you could apply rules and regulations to a the community (strategic disciplinary methods to a community), c -agency, here to convince the government of batsuwana to remove some conservation -create one superpower, transnational superpower , ability to take something ad limiting the resources available to them –use it as their own agenda 2. Diversity=difference -community that is all the same to communities -how is difference perpetuated -historical link to the land, had different historical trajectories …very diverse from other ppl,but have a problem . have a conservation project that does not take into account the family histories -ethnic -political -gender, age, education etc -inequality that occurs with difference happens at all these levels But diversity doesn’t discount similarity The challenge here is for us to recognize there is inequality and how to fix it.  Me and the “other”,the possibilities and pitfalls of social//cultural anthropology -anthropology does not answer everything, it doesn’t have a birds eye view and you are not aware of everything A stop sign, an image that represents stop! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? …symbols and ideas about the world (stop sign with the word go in the middle) it is confusing to understand something that has both meanings 1. conditioned or disciplined tp see the world in a certain way… 2. work out paradoxical/ multiple meanings 3. agency
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