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Lecture 6

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Saul Cohen

ANT204 FEB 13 2013 Lecture 6 Reinventing the Primitive Indigenous identity and politicsARECAP 5 PROBLEMATIC ASSUMPTIONS WE MAKE ABOUT NATURE The indigenous can of worms two Anthropology case studiesClass Activity who are weDeconstructing identity C The indigenous slot A 5 problematic Assumptions we make About Nature1 Nature has a single meaning best expressed trough apolitical science There are other alternative ways of understand nature and interacting with it nature has multiple meaning that is expressed in multiple ways and is often highly politicizedmanage nature in different way prescribe to alternative theory to come in and announce that you are doing something wrong leads to political conflicts for those pal Struggles over nature are struggles over2 Pristine nature exists or almost all nature is anthropogenic symbolically and materially whole globe bares an ecological foot printSymbolic meaning we ascribe to nature meaning we give to wilderness and the forest Materially3 Nature and culture are separate and distinct categories controllable We have seen symbolically that there is some human naturesaying culture and nature exists in 2 different things doesnt make sense to kissidougou pplNature and culture are inseparable but we create a symbolic separation which has material effects uncontrollablewilderness created removed from us inseparability4 THE natural rep a realm separate from human intervention and activity
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