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Lecture 11

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Saul Cohen

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ANT204H1 LECTURE-11 Guest Lecture; Christina TA Movement, meaning and the co-production of urban space (Ostrava, Czech Republic) -mining town that boomed during the socialist regime -interested with how ppl are designing urban spaces they inhabit. How do the spaces themselves influence how ppl engage with their environment -way in which ppl connect memories to a space; personal perceptions will influence the space you are inhabiting -social construction of abstract concepts such as : waste, human rights, natural space ets -space is socially constructed -power relations and the stratification of societies (another recurring theme)… the lay out of the auditorium… lecture and students , reflects power relations -space is underwritten with power relations, looking at places that were designed in the socialist regime .. talks about Prague - fieldwork will be at 2 sites in Ostrava, and old mining hall and another place -participant observation will be used, observing and documenting, and interviews will be conducte to collect info about -that space is complex and socially constructed etc Conservation & Violence –Prof Saul Cohen Part Mac Chapin “trouble –maker’ and the start of “conservation and displacement”. Critique -problematic ways in which conservation was taken place… was forbidden by magazine publisher that it wouldn’t be published and went ahead and published it because he was retiring,,, got the greatest response however Three critiques of mainstream conservation 1. Dissatisfaction with relationship with indigenous -taking ppl and extracting them from their homelands are form of violences, becomes the defining model of the conservation unit 2. Dominance f 3 major organizations (wwf, Cl and TNC)—funding 3. partnering with multinational corporations ANT204H1 -activits are working with the world wildlife fund and other activists -aboriginal and indigenous see their land in terms of equity and so on but the states and conservation see it as competition (movement twds progress)
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