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Lecture 10

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Saul Cohen

November 13, 2013. Lecture 10 – Queer, Trans, Inter Bubbles and Sherrod  Love in the gray zone o “moral wasteland” where there is no right and wrong possible because everything is terrible o Like the “chronic and ordinary cruddiness of life”  “Polemics of interpersonal blame” o Poor and homeless people as pawns in political games, crackdowns on crime, etc. o Petey and Scotty, Scotty’s suicide/death being blamed on Petey  The state, and structural inequality, disappear Love Between Men  Endurance AND exclusion o Removing themselves from family because they couldn’t do family the way they should or wanted o Men loving each other in order to endure a difficult life o Also a way to exclude women  Not always “homo” o Behaviour and identity, tops and bottoms  Certain intimate behaviour between men being collapsed into just being gay  Hank penetrating Petey is “not homosexual” because it is a form of disciplining Petey; it is an act of power and masculinity because he is “on top”  Petey in this scenario is the homosexual o A modern, and “unnatural”, category  Homosexuality has always been present, but only recently has it been made into a category (as well as heterosexuality)  o Friendship (Foucault, Ruth Vanita)  Regardless of potential sexual aspects, love between men can merely be intimacy and affection on a level of merely friendship th  Foucault argues that homosexuality was invented in the 19 century when heterosexual marriage became more important; essentially mere friendship between men had to die in order for marriage to succeed  Men and women had to be everything to each other for companionate marriage to be valid; male companionship had to be killed and was therefore was labeled as homosexuality  Vanita argues there is an absurd irony to not allowing men to marry each other since male companionship is pretty much what the institution of companionate marriage is based up
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