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Dave Naisargi

thLecture November 6 Economy Debt Austerity and InequalityWho and what is in our broom closet o The lumpen o We dont want to end up thereTense Event Ethical Substance o E Povinellis economy of abandonment o The way these 3 things are interrelated tells us about how we distribute things in life and death o What kind of life is human lifeTense the things in our broom closet are there because of the way we understand tense o The future anterior Everything will have worth in the futureall bad things in the world will make sense because of growth and developmentEvent The Ordinary Chronic and Cruddy o This is what our broom closets are there is no one event to organize our broom closets around and we cant throw money at it to make it go away o Versus the critical crisis suffering that we can pay attention to ie Natural disasters o By saying that the suffering of the people in our broom closets is required for our own happiness there is no disentanglementEthical substance some people are ethical and some people are the subjects of our ethical substanceWhat are our options o Reorganize society and make compromises in order to ensure fair distribution of wealth and wellbeing OR o State that your own happiness is more important than anothers sufferingAccumulation
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