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thLecture November 27 Consumption Ethics and ConclusionsFinal exam o Be able to write what each article is about dont have to know minor details but know major ideas o Review your notes on Righteous Dopefiend o Watch the films if you havent already o Be able to summarize major points from each lecture tho Review session December 10 2 pmYou are allowed to bring 5 pages of notes to the exam one sided any font size include your own reading summaries but not other peoples summaries must hand your notes in with your exam exams that are turned in without notes will receive a zeroExam will be mostly essay form but she will know definitively at the review sectionPart 1 consumptionThe politics of invisibility and sight o Food INCour disengagement of knowing about our food allows for a bunch of stuff to go onhow animals are killed kept how workers are treated o The curtain that separates the consumer from the producerprocessTimothy Pachirat Every Twelve Seconds o Writer went undercover in slaughterhouse in Nebraska wasnt about the cruelty to animals o Point was about how social space is constructedwhat does the slaughterhouse look like and how is it divided up o One day transport truck crashed with cows on the way to slaughterhouse and most cows died one cow escaped and in its panic it started
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