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Dave Naisargi

NDLecture October 2 Love Sex and Family2 propositions today1the exchange of women is alive and well2 love is a story we tell ourselvessee Tina and Carter for examplesthe continuum between altruism and instrumentalitysomething we want to do and something that we have to do love isnt clear cut Tina loves Carter but she also needs him for money drugs security from other men Carter needs Tina too but for different reasons less material to feel more human What is human One of the things that may make someone human is that they love and can be loved in return Even animals are believed to be more human when the love usHeteronormativityTinas narrative displays confusion between different relationships She is aware of thisSex work is no different than marriage in sense that there is an exchange and dependencyGayle Rubins The traffic of Women o Note on the term traffico How does a female body become an oppressed woman How do women become objects of exchangeo Surplus value there is a surplus that you use and make a profit off of o But what marx doesnt explain notion of capitalism what the laboring class produces and what you have to invest back in that working class to ensure that they return to work for you Employer doesnt have to pay for you to have a maid instead you have a wife that does everything for you and the employer doesnt have to worry about you Marx dosnt explain why its always women who have to take on this role and why they have to be your wife to do this o Turn to levistrauss the elemental structures of kinship Interested in how the biological facts of human beings are translated
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