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Lecture October 9th 2013 Environment.docx

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Dave Naisargi

thLecture October 9 2013 Environment Development and the PostcolonialDid you shit all over everything o We want silly things o The way we exist makes little sense o That wanting has consequences for othersA few key propositions for todayWe have exacerbated poverty inequality and ecological destruction in the name of developmentReject the idea that we much choose between humans or the enviro humans or animals We are all bound togetherenvironment isnt a neutral term Certain peoples enviros suck while certain others do notin our consumption we make value judgments about the worth of our lives compared to othersdevelopment o an antipolitics machineo ferguson article o technical solutions do not solve structural problems ie sexism colonialism they only further them o they make people feel like they are being solved but in reality they arent this causes the people who would say something to not say anything Depoliticization dont speak out against the world bank bc they provided a school in your village o gives people the means to get by but doesnt do anything more o the charitableindustrial complex whats the problem o Development usually means dumping our surplus therefore expanding capitalisms reach o And then what happens o Examples green revolution in Indonesia green kits given to farmers in Java pesticides ran out into the river and killed all the fish part of kit also encouraged people to buy tractors but many small landowners couldnt affo
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