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Dave Naisargi

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thLecture September 18 What is humanWho gets to be human Who has to prove it How do they prove it Who do they prove it to Who remains after that as less than human What are the consequences of failing to prove yourself as humanHuman is not a fact but a goalMost people spend most of their lives trying to achieve human status and prove they are humanProject Nim line between human and chimpanzee is not as defined as previously suggested but no matter how blurry the line gets there are still obvious differences between humans and chimpsPalestinians have to go to all sorts of lengths to demonstrate that they are human so they have access to human rights see reading by Allen They do this by showing their own suffering and how they are harmedWhat effect do these images of suffering have on us They numb us evoke sympathy inspire us to take action reinforces notion of these people suffe
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