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Lecture September 25th Race.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Dave Naisargi

thLecture September 25 RaceEthnographyAbout race in contemporary north America o We are interpellated called into our racial identitiesthis process of being called into them makes them stick o Even liberal attitudes reproduce deep racist structures o Everyday racism intimate violence has pernicious effectsRedefining violenceBS violence as a continuum that spanso structuralo symbolic mechanisms that lead subordinate people to see themselves as less and that this is natural also that they are to blame for that oeverydayintimateaffect and racism o audre lords story little girl on subway looked at like shes a roach o homelessness and disgust psychological study shows that people have same brain activity when looking at pictures of homeless people and trash o inequalities are lived in our bodies being a racial minority can kill you bc of the ways the stress can affect you Racial minorities have higher instances of heart disease cancer and several other diseases o habitus we are constantly living the structures in the ways that we move taste we have people we surround ourselves by etc we reproduce the big social structures so is the system to blame or are we We live them but we also make them every time we do somethingthere are ways that we l
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