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October 23rd Resistance Movements.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Dave Naisargi

rdResistance Movements October 23 lecture3 type of action direct action indirect cyberactivism activism of the self3 themesquestions o what is the relationship between activism and capitalism o Can social justice be mass mediated o What is activism Activism is centrally about the imaginationActivism is ethics comprising the way a social movement begins o Critique necessary for someone to recognize that something is not the way it ought to be o Inventing alternatives to the system o Creative relational practice try to actually live those alternativesQuietstillnesstime can be revolutionary o Not just action the way we think about itWhat is direct action Graebers puppet article o Anarchic seeks a genuinely free society in which relations are entered into that dont have to be backed up by force o Acting as if one is already free embodying the world that you want to seefor the occupy movement the protesters wouldnt make demands bc these demands legitimate the power of the oppressorsprops up the power of those groups o Values the process of social action as indistinguishable from results process and results are the same thing how you live is your activismo Against internal hierarchy for consensusthe means must be a model for the world you wish to createo Seeks to empower the imagination o Seeks to be unmediated ie DirectActivism as symbolic warfare o What counts as violence What does not o K
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