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Leslie Jermyn

AnthropologyLecture 8Guest Lecturer PaulQuestion What causes AIDSHIVHIV is a retro virus First you get infected and once you get infected it goes into cells and starts replicatingConsequence of cells replication they burst and it kills immune cells T helper cellsInfectioncell deathSo what is having an immune system destroyed is a bad ideabecause of opportunist infectionsEnd up with a CD4 cell count that is very lowLess than 200 cells mmCD4 cell count in AIDSAcquired immune deficiency diseasesSyndrome entire class of infections that you can get Epithelial skin canceryour immune system does surveylence of cancer cellsInfectioncell deathCD4AIDSyour deathIn sub Saharan Africa comorbidity factors contributing to this huge increaseAnti retroviral drugsprevents the virus from replicatingLook at graph to compare US and subSaharan AfricaUS10000 AIDS deaths per yearSub Saharan Africa 25 million per yearHaving the virus does shorten your lifespanWhat is the difference between the both other than comorbidities SubSaharan Africa does not have anti retroviral drugsDo you think it is possible to make enough Retroviral drugs for everyone Pharmaceutical industries in SubSaharan Africa non existentBill Clinton in 19941995 destroyed a pharmaceutical plant in Sudandestroyed the place where Africa got their drugsWhat is a consequenceincrease in mortality in the course of 1 or 2 weeksThe differences in the death rates have to do with the access to anti retroviral drugsAIDS immune system is attacksIn the US you prevent the virus from attacking the immune system with the use of the drugsWhat causes AIDSyou can avoid having attack on the immune system with the use of drugs From having AIDS down to the place where you are very sickthe primary determinant of this transition is poverty
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