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lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Annette Bickford

LECTURE 3OUTLINE January 25 2012 Topic Representing the Other Tutorial 1 Readings T 1 C Lutz and J Collins The Color of Sex Postwar Photographic Histories of Race and Gender in National Geographic Magazine2 Mahmood Mamdani Good Muslim Bad MuslimAn African Perspective this reading will not be on the test or exam3 Heather Timmons Vogues Fashion Photos Spark Debate in India Vogue India1Evolutionary perspective sociobiology2National Geographic Iconography The racial distribution of female nudity in 3National Geographic perpetuates old myths about black womens sexualityColonial tropes Figurative as metaphor symbolic sense Deeply rooted repetition of 4discursive patterns Colonialism rationalized through the use of tropes a Animalization implies hypersexuality sexual excess in opposition to the rationally ordered Western subject Sexuality like nature is held in opposition to civilization Exotic lying outside the realm of a social order which commands the observance of things like sexual fidelity Associates people with the instinctual realm rather than the cultural Insentient irrational Darwinist Survival of the fittest Transferring a zoological notion to social socially constructed hierarchies Body rather than mind b Infantilizationdevelopingeverlasting infancy diplomatic synonyms for childlikePeople without a historypresumed static without long cultural economicpoliticalhistories Suggests political immaturity of the Other deemed not ready for democracy Assumes need for Western rule c Eroticizationthe colonized world is represented as feminine to justify invading it penetrating it and conquering it as a matter of natural gender hierarchy Eurocentric discourse eroticized tropes of virgin lands dark continents veiled territories and imaginary haremsfantasies of rape and rescue d Naturalization Reduces the cultural to the biological associating the colonised with the vegetative and instinctual realm Latin America women associated with spice tropical heat passion e Idealization Noble savage Rousseau Vogue reading is fore enrichment and not testing mostly focusing on the national geographic Representations of the other Birkins Kelley bag
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