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Lecture 4

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Annette Bickford

LECTURE 4OUTLINE February 1 2012 Topic The coy femaleReadings1 T Sarah Blaffer Hrdy Empathy Polyandry and the Myth of the Coy Female2 Nancy Gibbs The Pursuit of Teen Girl Purity3 Neela Banerjee Dancing the Night Away With a Higher Purpose DiMannos antiIslamic article Do Muslim Women Need Saving Critique of DiMannos IantiIslamic tone II Sociobiology Hrdy on androcentric research in nonhuman primate studies the coyfemale and promiscuity Despite openly available evidence contradicting it modern evolutionary biology since 1948 presumes the following sexual dimorphism in sexual selection theory Males ardent undiscriminatingly eager to mate actively courting promiscuous wooers Coy Females sexually restrained reluctant to mate passive but choosing the single best suitor discriminating monandrousTwo themes1 Nurturing female invests more in offspring than male vs male who invests little more than sperm but competes for access to many females Females choose the best competitor2 Sexual selection works primarily on males Until 1980 theorists concluded that females are not subject to selection pressure which happens through competing malessurvival of the fittest Sexual selection competition between one sex for access to the other sex Naturalizes assumptions about competitive promiscuous men and choosey womenpicked up in popular writing about sociobiologyCurrent versions of
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