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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Annette Bickford

ANT204 Lecture 6 Feb 15 2012There is no race there arent consistent patterns of genes across the human genome to distinguish one race from anotherWe experience race but race isnt real A genome is a total collection of genes in a species It has corporate involvement neoliberalism global capitalism How is the database for genetic anthropology assembled1 Genographic Project DNA samples from key populations the database will contain DNA samples from more than 100000 people Spencer Wells Should cloning and gene therapy be regulated by the governmentGenetic anthropology Where did we come from how did we get herereveals history of ancient human migration Our most recent ancestors are from pieces of DNA passed down unchanged through generationsModern humans emerged in SubSaharan Africa When DNA is passed from one generation to the next some pieces remain unchanged some are only passed from father to son carried from Y chromosome mitochondrial DNA is passed from mother to childHow is this database assembledmost is from DNA samples taken from 10000 indigenous people globally Focuses on obtaining DNA database for genetic anthropology obtain from key populations in a particular regionassume these groups are frozen in time EUROCENTRISM
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