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Lecture #3

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Leslie Jermyn

Lecture #3 Wednesday, February 1, 2012 COY FEMALE: Rosi DiManno on the Shafia Trial: - Uses tropes of animalization to describe those wearing the hijab - Muslims vs. Brides with bridal gowns and vales over their head - Picton – many killed were women of aboriginal background and sex workers. - Slut Walk  if you appear in certain clothes you are asking to be sexually assaulted? - Skirts at Christian schools – wherever there is power there is resistance - How are men regulated sexually? - What signifies dress that is “slutty” – its regulatory. Sexiness is coded with high heels, fishnets, low shirt, makeup (red lipstick) – for men - There is no human instinct – babies without parents will lose knowledge of language, fire, etc. One generation can lose compeltely all “civility” Gender Dimorph-Utopia - normalization : socialization , where certain things are naturalized and normalized and made to be “normal”. “vigilant community of disciplines, euphorically, docile, gender, dimorphic ‘normal’ selves.” - Magazines tell you how to regulated : what is sexy . - Some of us wont go out of the house without makeup on. We all reuglte this gender performance that we do. We are Euphorically docile - Gender- Dimorphism : you are either male or female and nothing in between. - Sex deals more with the genetic biological stuff - Jamie Lee Curtis has ovaries and testical s that have not come down yet. One may be a woman with facial hair, or a man with a high voice. Kathryn Morgan : talks about Gender Dimorph Utopia - Questions our production of heteronormative gender dimorphic societies - Our gender truths are constructed through the workings of power - Gender variation is normal and potentially an arena for playful exploration - We can challenge the paradigm of the existing norms of masculinity and feminity What informs the Barbie Ken thing we are all caught up in? READING – Coy Female - looks at the notion in primatology - Hardy challenges research in primate studies and the notion of promiscuity. - Sexual selection works primarily with males. – competition from one sex with access to the other sex - “The Coy Female” sexually restrained, reluctant to mate, passive but choosing the single best suitor, monandrous (one mate) - Dr. Phil: you ruin the mystery if you try to pursuit him - This whole idea of the Coy Female was taken from the Batemen studies of the fruitflies, our whole basis depends on these studies from 1948. This bias reading has been embraced by pop culture, despite to evidence of the contrary. - Why do we hang on to maternal instinct and the above so tenatiousl?—its about political power. - “ Darwin and the Double Standard” in Playboy – science says yes men have to cheat on their women. Evolution of sex differences: - Leibowitz looks at how and why dimorphism developed among humans. - Non human primate data sex-role adaptations do not conform to pop. Assumptions. - Female fruit flies are not motivated to mate as much as primates do. - Male – non human primates are more nurturing than early sexual selection has supported. Care for infants have equaled or exceeded that of the female mothers. - What defines femininity? – based on gender performance. Purity Balls: - exemplifys the coy females. - Compelled to hand over virginity to the dad who then will control their virginity. - Purity balls is all about the men – homosocial non sexual bonding, sequesters girls and keeps them ignorant to boys. - The origin of the movement was more about the fathers than the daughters. - Reinforces the idea of sex as being shameful and only for the need to have children. IF you are pregnant you don’t need to have sex. - All that matters is whether she is a virgin or not - Sexual promiscuity is marginalized as devient – she is suppose to not want sex - A lot kids are doing other acitvities ( ie. anal, oral , homosexuality, etc.) to avoid vaginal intercourse… to avoid internal penetration. - Doctors in the 18oo’s didn’t think external penetration was sex (treatment for hysteria equal vibrators and stimulation till orgasm – ie. married women, nuns, etc.) - “Dates” with dad - The daughter is suppose to passive and restrained. They all say “ he will find me” They go from the slightest attraction straight to getting married. They don’t chose or compete for mates, but wait. - Reflects coy female thinking - “The Purity Myth “ -- we should base the worth of girls on intelligence , compassion etc.. not sexuality - Young girls pledge virginity to their fathers - What is it about virginity that supports certain poltiical conservative party? HOOTERS: - gives your lessons about how to be coy in booklet for training. - Hair must be downed and styles - Must be like the girl next door. - Makeup must be applied (at the very least lip gloss and mascara) - Attitude msut be that of being relaxed, playful, and fun to be around - You must be intereste din what the customers has to say and generate convos that will interest them. - You sign a legal release “ you are sexually harassed its all in good fun. Laugh off sexual jokes,don’t make a big deal about it – giggle” - Hair down = exttensions if short hair. You cant have it curly. You are hired with a specific look --- if you are hired looking a certain way you must STAY that way. You have to ask fi you want to change your appearance. If you decide to do so none the elss, you can get fired - There is racial commodity “ I want the asian waittress” - If you arent wearing makeup you are sent home “ Lip Service” - red , moist lips is very sexually appealing - you are encouraged to wear colour lipstick but at the very least lip gloss. Licking
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