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University of Toronto St. George
Leslie Jermyn

Occupy! Transforming contemporary societies and cultures 1) (T) David Graeber, Occupy Wall Street's anarchist roots. 2) Gaston Gordillo “The Human Chain as Nonviolent Weapon” 3) M. Parenti, “Occupy America” Lecture outline • Liberal and neoliberalism • What is Neoliberalism? Central tenets • Neocolonialism: • Corporate Media: Hegemony, Dominant discourses, Resistance through counterhegemonic discourses • The state: Repression to protect capitalism • Reform vs. Revolution: Protest vs Direct action. Where protest is a plea to the authorities, direct action ignores existing power structures. As if the rulers were unnecessary – anarchist. • One alternative (no threat of violence from police, prison, armies): Anarchists of Andalusia, education • Marx: class is the division of societies into groups, including: • Those who own the productive wealth of society • Those who own only their labor (workers) Patented by Lizzie Magie in 1904. Demonstrates the instability of the free market. The rich get richer, as they can leverage their wealth to increase their earnings. Karl Marx • Class divisions would eventually disappear as workers struggled for the power of the owner class • the capitalist class would be overthrown and that it would be eliminated by a worldwide working-class revolution and replaced by a classless society. Marxist: “The workers have nothing to sell but their labour power” Neoliberal: “I offer courses on How to Sell Your Labour Power Like A Shark” Inherent in capitalism has been the maintenance of a sizeable pool of unemployed workers living on the edge of poverty who are desperate for jobs. It keeps workers competing with each other to get jobs, allowing corporate owners to keep wages low. This was first described by Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism, as an essential weapon used by capitalists to keep down wages. When this political and economic system is judged by future inhabitants of the planet, this policy will be judged, correctly, as one of the greatest crimes against humanity. CCapitalism isn’t working for 99% Former Wall Street executive David Driver: “The United States is the most capitalistic of major industrialized nations. This is not because America is a leader in per-capita gross domestic product, per-capita income, or productivity growth, for it is not. America does, however, have one of the most pro-business, inequitable, and inhumane socioeconomic systems in the indust
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