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Annette Bickford

st The Coy Female – Feb 1 2012 ANT204H1S 1. Slutwalk: society teaches don’t gent raped, rather than don’t rape 2. How are you sexually regulated at work, school? a. Wear certain kind of clothing b. Diference appearance – male female 3. Maternal instinct is obvious in a way than paternal instinct. Why? 4. Politics and power are being exercised in society. 5. Normalization: produces a vigilant community of disciplined, euphorically docile, gender dimorphic “normal” selves a. Gender dimorphism: Barbie or ken, nothing in between – sex depends on genetic stuff, gender dichotomies breaks down in a manner of biology 6. Kathryn Morgan: Gender Dimorph Utopi a. Questions our production of heterenormative gender dimorphic societies b. Our gender truths are constructed through the workings of power c. Gender variation is normal and potentially an arena for playful exploration 7. Concept of coy female a. Challenges the research in coy female nd the notion of promiscuity 8. Hrdy: the coy female a. Androcentric interpretation of sexual selection: presupposed the existence of a highly discriminating sexually coy female, courted by sexually undiscriminating males b. Nurturing female invests more in offspring than male vs. male who invests little more than sperm but competes for access to many females. Females choose the best competitor. 9. Sexual selection works primarily on males. Until 1980 theorists concluded that females are not subject to selection pressure, which happens through competing males – survival of the fittest. Sexual selection: competition between one sex for access to the other sex. 10. Naturalizes assumption
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