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Lecture 6

ant204 lecture 6

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Annette Bickford

Lecture #6 Wednesday, March 7, 2012 FINAL: - no multiple choice on the final - more critical essay thinking is required OCCUPY! Transforming Contemp Societies and Cultures: Outline of Todays Info: - Liberal and Neoliberalism ties in with neocolonialism - Corporate Media such as FOX News - Discourse Analysis, Discourses Resistance. Etc. - Reform vs. of revolution and terms of protest (plea to authority) and direct action ignores the existing power structures (more anarchist *) Reform VS Revolution: - reform when the ruler make a change? Revolution when the ppl make a change? - Reform is when you tinker with things – we don’t want to change the core, we just want to make cosmetic differences (ie. paint job on a house – not fixing foundation) - Revolution is when you sweep everything away and start fresh. - Anarchists are revolutionary – want to make radical sweeping changes . Not interested in w orking with the police, the state, etc. - Corporate Media is media that has connections with corporations - Alternative media : ie democracy NOW .org. – not owned or runned by a massive corp looking for profit or to push the neoliberal agenda. Alternative view Neoliberalism : - new form of liberalism - liberal capitalist believe in formal equality but also believe in inequality of talent (ie. IQ testing to classify ppl). Involuntary sterilization of people in Colorado til the 70’s of ppl who werent deemed cognitively intelligent or important to reproduce. There was a great deal of stress on the inheritance of ppl. - Market Liberals : since 1975 – society should be determined by the market, along with all social life. They don’t believe that we are doing enough until we are doing a 24 hr production line. - what are the alternatives to capitalism? Hegemony and dominant discourse have lead us to believe that capitalism is the only answer , and if its not working, we just need to make slight changes. Marx - believed that class is what divided society into groups. - Some believe Marxism doesn’t work because ppl lose their competitive edge. - “those who own only their labor” (workers in a factory) - he believed that eventually the people would get rid of the fat cat at the top and all would get equal wages – it would be coerced work - hoped for a classless society - Marx was reacting to industrialization : people had a back to the land movement where people moved to Canada to escape industrialization - Marx questioned why ppl were working themselves to death and not speaking up about it - capitalism keeps jobs within bidding wars to ensure cheap labor - OCCUPY : the world is waking up that things need to change - people in Argentina example of alternative to Anarchism Monopoly - was a game to show what capitalism does. - Example of the end degree of what capitalism does. - desperation is key in keeping people to work for cheap labor. - The state is very much involved in repressing our society CHART: 1% versus 99%: The Rich and the Rest of Us. - Regan : - time when neoliberalism really started Neoliberalism (7 pts in slide) ie. 1 – a new expansion in time… 1 - neoliberals find new ideas about marketization – expansion of trading hours is a typical neoliberal policy - nothing less than 24 hr days will calm them 2 - privatization by British railway network, let 30,000 new contracts with splitting services (via negotiation) - we don’t want to pay one person to do 2 .5 courses, and pay sev ppl to do one course for less. 3 - Its more profitable for them to be hired on contract - Most professors are contract workers (70%) - 1 job is shattered into millions of contracts therefore no full time workers - splitting of services – - goal is that every action of every being is a competition and desperations. - Everything is about more & more & more and faster - A service contract are reduced from 3 years to 1 month – shorter and shorter forcing the employee to reapply to jobs. 3 - Market forces are intensified by surveillance and assessment : more surveillance of work places - Timing of washroom breaks - Ie. sweat shops – extracting of more and more work – cycle of sleep work between 2 ppl - Courier services ( tracking mail – hyper provision of businesses.) - Employees are also pressured to spend less time away due to scare of losing job 4 - psychological test coach or handwriting analysis - assessment for even intermediate level jobs - competition itself creates the market for the services where assessment is used. 5 - no distinction between a market economy or society - everyone is expected to be an entrepreneur – there is only market. Market society, culture, people, etc. - Entrepreneur: no safety net for you. Its grim and frightening - Neoliberalism has been associated with specific culture and language (ie. America, English) - Global politics and neocolonialism is pulled in as well 6 - Neoliberalism is a social and moral philosophy since 1975 – rich western market democracy - Installation and support for compliant leaders with a continuous supply of raw materials - ** Article in South Africa really exemplifies this - Neoliberalism means to get the very last drop of oil out – make more money whether it destroys the earth, kills ppl etc. - Free is bad – “Im free not to pay you min wage” - Unrestrained profit making - Deregulation – pro
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