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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - A Global World Lecture and Review - December 4.docx

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Tania Li

December 4 2012 Lecture 11A Global World Lecture and ReviewGlobalizations Core ChallengeChallenge o Is it recognitionRight to be different o Or is it DistributionRight to a fair share in context of gross inequalityMan in Africa proud of having the fundsability to build a European style house o Square and rectangular with a concrete floor metal roof wood or metal badly insulated walls etc o As opposed to the African huts made out of clay cattle dung claymud floors grass roofs built into hills o European style houses while actually inappropriate technology for the area are the shining model of wealth and progress and so African village people living in huts want them when their huts are better suited for their needs and environmentGlobal warmingclimate problem o Developed countries dont want to give up what they have o Once underdeveloped countries that are rapidly becoming developedindustrialized are proud of their progress and dont want to stop o Particularly deforestation to open up space for farmland factories power plants etc o Places like Brazil fairly poor country have a lot of space that can be used but are being asked not to get rid of this excellent natural resource rainforests because of how it contributes to the climate problem o Actuality is that those countries who are less damaging to our environment are asked to continue being that way so as to allow other super industrial countries like Canada and the US to continue on in the rather damaging ways they have beenGlobalization and RecognitionIs culture becoming uniform o Rise of identity politics o Ethnicity religion revitalized ALSO o Hybrids creoles modificationsExample of Latin American soap operas being popular in East Asia because stereotypical character archetypes translate well between the two cultures even some Japanese soap operas that are popular in MexicoSame can be applied to other things like cuisine dress dance etc o Creative cultural adaptation o Cultural imperialism duressGlobalization and IndigeneityRisk of annihilationless nowCultural imperialismpersistsStrategic essentialism emphasize difference fit niche o Eg conservation nature culture
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