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LECTURE WORLD VIEW 1)-Encompassing picture of reality  how you see the world, key elements and causing forces -2)Created, shared by members of society not just your own idiocratic notion but shared cultural forms, norms and beliefs  worldview of a group of people shared among them  death caused by witchcraft is not one persons view but how everyone understands the world.  not a clear cut world view held by everyone  not just idiosyncratic thinking PRODGID tried to get the native view, their motivations and how they interpreted their life th 19 Century Evolutionary ideas “Primitives” Superstition Magic Witchcraft Irrational “Moderns” Science Empirical Rational Religion? - what distinguishes people is ideology. If you believe that mubu exists then everything exists based on that - your worldview (whats going on in the world, why we do the things we do) that starts the causal force is the link to what we do. - irrational means has no logic. Yet, it can be logical in society. If you believe it’s a causal force (ie magic, how you manipulate force), everything else is logical once you accept existence of force in the world that makes things happen - takes peoples systems of thoughts seriously. Why are these practices given the starting point? Religion DEFINITION “ideas and practices that postulate reality beyond that available to senses”  what you belief that causative force is but you cant see causative forces DEFINITION Or “a world view in which cosmic forces interfere in life” •animism, spirits guarding landscape  cosmic forces interfere with human life •ancestral spirits, dead still active in present •spirits sent by witches •gods directing human fate * based on definition of what religious definition is, they had religious beliefs * religions use rituals to direct the cosmic force Science Have we seen gravity? •scientific knowledge socially constructed, has communities •institutionally supported knowledge, made authoritative •paradigms shift  one way of thinking. Even in science the paradigm can change. Knowledge can be replaced by new ideas Thomas Kuhn - is science a different system of thought or does it have similarities? - science is caused by potivist forces, we cant see it ie gravity but we get evidence from scientists. Like religion, science involves expertise enabling them to understand unseen forces. - knowledge is presen
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