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10/8/2012 7:35:00 AM ANT207 LECTURES LECTURE 1 september 11 th Film Trobriand Cricket - Colonization in new guinea. Cricket was imposed on the tribe but now cricket includes the tribes chants and songs - song and dance came into the game - Mission games were introduced to take away warfare - the troland tribe included all those who wanted to play, if 40 players came 40 players played. - fundamental change in game: competition is ritualized. - when the games moved to different tribes they changed the game as smaller bats were used - war matches have been adapted to cricket.. an undecorated bat is frowned upon. Magic is used to make the balls for throwing. - each cricket team uses chants to bash each other. Some traditional dances are called kalibon and balisku.  dances are drawn into cricket and show recent events that took place  once dance called pika is about male prostitutes and they chant saying they can do anything -chants are done in a line depicting them as soldiers marching in a line - the organizer of the chants/cheers is the chief  he is called the centre man  he approaches the rain man to ask for good weather - on the first day of the game players paint themselves and “magic” helps them to become more courageous - one person calls when the cricket season starts - 6s are when they hit a home run - usually the home team wins to show respect for them. But not by too much or it shows disrespect to the other team. - Gifts are offered from both villages of the cricket teams - leaders wanted sponsorship to show their films Class  as much as there will be assimilation, cultures will not be completely lost because they try to keep it their own  tribes empowerment to gain a white mans game..within constraint * the anthropologists filmed it but the tribal leaders wanted to take part in the filming -women are invisible in the film but they had to make all the food for the exchange and make their village look good. They helped host the games. Tribes need all the woman to help raise the fields and gardend. There is lots of social relations involved. TEACHER * the film shows  a social and historical context. We need to understand colonialism 1)there are no people witho
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