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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - The Individual and Society, The Trap - October 9.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Tania Li

October 9, 2012. Lecture 5 – The Individual and Society, Film: The Trap Film: The Trap  America (after WWII) celebrated not just victory in the war but freedom from it; from the oppression of Nazi regime and from the situation of economic disparity that led to the Depression and to some extent the war as well  Was supposed to be a new age of freedom  Something about Soviet Union, probably introducing Cold War and anti-communism in the USA  Game theory: prediction of what enemy will do, mathematically based estimation  Used to predict the actions of Soviet Union during Cold War  Delicate balance of time(?) o Advertising development and possession of nuclear weapons/missiles to ensure Soviet Union that any attempt to attack would be reciprocated just as extremely, if not more o Prevented breakout of nuclear war; equilibrium of peace  New game called Prisoner’s Dilemma; Nash’s equation implied the idea that as long as all participants act selfishly, the safest and most beneficial outcome will occur o Outlines the situation in which both Russians and Americans had lots of scary weapons, keeping the balance through distrust  Problem with Nash’s equation was that it didn’t represent what normal individuals did when interacting with one another in a day-to-day basis; people on their own were very trustworthy of each other  Game theorists during Cold War summed up human beings as selfish, robot-like, self-interested things so that we could fit their numerical equations and calculations o Later found that this was not necessarily the true case  Nash: too much emphasis on rationality; people are more complicated than the rational, self- i
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