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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - World View; Strange Beliefs - November 6.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Tania Li

November 6, 2012. Lecture 8 – World View: Strange Beliefs Film  Edward Evans-Pritchard and analysis of different cultural beliefs  Subjects of study for anthropologists somewhat dictated by colonial presence, power, need o Anthropologists from England, France, etc. went where their country was represented  Studying Azande people, who had beliefs concerning magic and witchcraft o “magic” and “witchcraft” words used by colonials as a simplified label for their belief system  Azande people believed that bad things that happen (our perception of bad luck) to people is magic or witchcraft  Death of a 30-year-old woman due to some undiagnosed illness; Azande believe this was some kind of black magic  “Mangu” = witchcraft for Azande  In Azande culture, there are different oracles to consult about different magical issues o One villager consults the poison oracle about a woman’s illness, whether or not she will die, if the appropriate magic was applied would she live, involves a chicken administered a poison; dying/not dying = yes or no  Witchcraft doesn’t involve ingredients and spells but is a psychic ability  Villagers eager to establish good relations with the witchdoctor of the village so as to not bring themselves bad magic  Witchcraft was a belief for the Azande people as is Christianity or Marxism for the West; it is not disproven and their faith in it is not faltered by failure  Evans-Pritchard also studied Arab world and Islamic culture Lecture  World View o Encompassing picture of reality  E.g. death is caused by witchcraft, since magic is a present reality o Created, shared by members of society  Not to say there aren’t those that doubt it  19 Century Evolutionary Ideas o “Primitives” vs. “moderns” o Superstitions vs. science
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