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Lecture 3

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Dan Sellen

Lecture 3Medical anthropologyHow do we define recognize understand explain poor healthWhich diseases affect different populationsHow is illness socially constructedMultilevel Model of Disease Causation from Upstream approaches to reducing socioeconomic inequalities in health affect your health throughout your lifetime thus health is a socially constructed conceptindividual risk factors and social relationships are easier to modify with social investments macroeconomics and higher institutions more difficult to changeex welfare state systems universal health care coverage have huge effect on distribution of healthsocial differences may result in different in different health risks and thus become equity issuesnone of this is anthropologicalbut anthropologists are good at finding out why it is so hard for people to change their habits considering alternative forms of treatment not popular among physiciansIndividual vs Population healthindividualized medicine understanding how disease occurred how to prevent and treat it population health how is disease distributed in populations how can we avoid illness by understanding the conditions that protect and treat the populationepidemiology counting the distribution of different diseases and looking at clusters of risk factors focusing on the causes by looking at the greater populationpublic health focuses on the health of the individual through policies actions assessments ex vaccination programs monitoring water supply educational messagesintervening at the level of the population and largely preventive rather than curative individualized medicine global health concerned w health of many countries HIVAIDS resistant diseases resistant in some countries but not in others food supplyThe individuals challenge to live a healthy lifeWe face a rising gradient of societal pressure to live unhealthilyProfessor Pekka Puska Finnish Health Institute in a UK Government health reportenvironment can make it hard for us to individually achieve healthsome societies are focused on the individual creation of healthone of the cultural models linked with biomedicine treating the individually physiologically and thus they have a responsibility but they are having an uphill battle due to society ex obesogenic environmentssewage systemsspread of cholera would not happen in a huntergatherer societymoney and timelack of make it hard to eat welladvertisingwe are often exposed to food that is cheap and unhealthy
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