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Dan Sellen

thANT208Lecture 2January 19 2012Medical Anthropology Health and DisEaseMain Concept there are diff ideas and definitions of health and disease in diff communities and societies how do we talk about something that is so biological yet quite socialculturalAnthropology includes 4 main dimensionsInvestigateunderstand things about humans essentially using different methods understand diff societies etcSimilaritiesdifferences whats shared across cultures whats diff lots of diversity amongst populationsSpacetime how things change over time in societies how societies change present vs past etcHumanclosely related species comparative interspecies perspective humans are considered the modern contemporary specimens of our genetic breeding poolInvestigationDiversity what anthropologists look atSocial systemscultures shared or contested ideasEvolutionary biological anthropology adds onto to the social systems understanding humans as biocultural beings humans have interrelated featuresLinguistics language Archaeological artifactual evidence about the pastSociocultural anthropologycombines ethnography and ethnology to study human societies cultures and explain their similarities and differencesEthnographyWriting an account book article essay etc of a specific society of culture based on field work informationNot objective opinionated from someones perspective different ppl focus on diff thingsFieldwork involves living in a community being study for an extended period at least a year emphasis on the local things customs beliefs etc Important for sociocultural anthro less so for evolutionary anthroEthnology works from particular to the general ethnography data to theorybased on building models testing hypothesis etc
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