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AdaptationVulnerabilityStressLived Experience292012 90500 AM Evolutionreproductionfoodhow we get food is tied up with sociality and cooperation and our competitionkey to our environmentAdaptations maximize reproduction NOT healthusually better healthmore reproductionsometimes more reproduction but lower healthevolution doesnt always produce healthReproduction can be direct or indirectHuman body a bundle of compromisesvulnerabilitybut resilientenvironment is constantly changingevery new generation faces new problems o evolutionary lagmakes a constraint o bodies might not adapt well for this new environmento ex Upright posture without absorbing too much sunlight only head exposed directly backpain later in life today less walking more sitting circulation has to go all the way upstability problem Mismatch with environment of evolutionary adaptation EEAthere are gaps between our adaptations and different environmentsAllocation of energy time and risk across lifespanstrategygetting bigger quicker to not get constraints in late lifebut if you stop eating later malnutritionWhat is the adaptive strategyCluster of traitsLonger juvenile stage lets us have a longer longevity o Makes us good at reproducing and being alive longer What is the flexibilitySexenvironment o Life history traits that go with being malefemale What are the tradeoffs
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