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University of Toronto St. George
Dan Sellen

lec 7 312012 81200 AM GrowthDevelopmentFirst 1000 days prenatalearly post natal o Almost impossible to make up deficits that happen during this period ex Cognitivemetabolic o very vulnerable to care giving o window of opportunityChildhoodpubertal growth and maturation o We have delayed maturationEffects of nutrition and stresssecular trends in maturation o Also social stress on mother or child and how this creates variation across a population o People in industrialized nations these days mature earlier than ancestors didEffects womens reproductive lives mostlydevelopmental origins of adult disease fetal programming o phenotypic hypothesis how things change during lifetime bt nutritiontransgenerational effects female nutrition o ex diabetes obesity o thinking these disease less genetics but more as interactions with environments they are experiencing changes in environment from poor to better or shift in peoples activity and nutrition o how things that happened to mother effect early life of next generation children o health status of mothers affects health status of childrenEarly growthdevelopment of mammalsTotal dependence on mother during GESTATION o Right after birth milk onlyPartial dependence aftermixed feeding o Huge variation o Longer for larger animalsKey function of lactation o mature antibodies from mature immune system piggy backing defenses
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