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ANT208 Lecture 5

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Red = written on the slides Black = added notes Lecture 4: After the test February 9 2012 ADAPTATION, VULNERABILITY, STRESS, LIVED EXPERIENCE 1. Evolution – reproduction – food 2. Adaptations maximize reproduction, NOT health 3. Reproduction can be direct or indirect 4. Human body a bundle of compromises, vulnerable but resilient 5. Mismatch b/w “environ of evolutionary adaptation” (EEA) 6. Allocation of energy, time and risk across lifespan = “strategy” 1. Successful reproduction drives evolution, and food drives successful reproduction… Diets have changed overtime, tied in with sociality, competition and co-operation Food = key link to environment 2. Most times reproduction = good health but not always 3. trade-offs!! 4. Evolutionary lag: adaptations in the past maynot be adaptive anymore e.g. bipedalism = backpain, circu
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