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Marcel Danesi

Lecture 5 Skip rest of chapter 2 and chapter 3Chapter 4 Conversation and DiscourseParolelanguage use vehicle for establishing maintaining defining and cueing social relations story about young man on train to Lublin Asks merchant for time he responds go to hell Boy says wtf merchant says long story short that he wouldnt let his daughter marry someone without a watchopoint of storychoices have consequencesCommunicative Competencevariety of words and types of structures registers and styleshave to make choicesneed to have practicalpragmatic knowledgeobe able to make good choices and to understand decode what other speakers say Dell Hymes 1971when talking need to considerSetting and sceneParticipants oWho is around talking Make choices depending on who is overhearing us EndsAct sequencesKeyInstrumentalities Norms of interaction oConventions or expectationsoWhen we make requests how are we supposed to deliver requests Genre oDifferent types of performancetalking to friend a sermonExamples1a come back here tomorrow to help me with the rest of the gardeningoimperative formb im really sorry to bother you and I wouldnt do this normally because I kow youre terribly busy but im in an awful fixc are you doing anything tomorrow oIndirect not a request but sets up well for a request to be made 2a can I borrow you penB can I borrow your car
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