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Lecture 4

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Marcel Danesi

Lecture 4 y Things to do in phonological level o Classify the sound y Vowels Nonobstructed sounds Describe them through position or height of the tongue Front of the tongue or back of the tongue Vowels can be front back high low y Opening and closing of the mouth aeiou y Syllables are meaningful There is no consonantal syllable There has to be vowel in syllables y Lower lip labiodental y Phoneme signals a difference That ones that distinguish things there is a particular psychological importance and role Distinctiveness y Any sound not distinctive but that can be predictable in the flow of speech y Lovedullalophoneme spelling y Alaphoneme is the same phoneme L sound Occurs at the end of a syllable it goes up Alternativelovedull Tags y 1 John is Italian isnt he o y 2 You know her dont you o The Morphological Level y Morphemes y Antimicrobial o Anti is a distinctive unit o Not a word on its own though o But occurs at the beginning and probably means against o You can use this again and againMicrobi is a distinctive unit y Al means belonging to someone example colonial belonging to the colony y Morphemes are bits and pieces y Grammatical morphemes ANTI AL y Lexical meaning MICROBI y Phoneme is jus the sound y Incompletely o Grammatical morpheme IN o IN is an affix Its a prefix because it comes in the front o LY is a suffix y Prefixsuffixinfix middle In completely Grammaticallexicalgrammatical Morphememorpheme morpheme
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