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Lecture 5

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Marcel Danesi

Lecture 5 Saying Hello y Words are connected to social categories y Example hello professor but hi dad o Social closeness when talking to a friendTitles Honorifics in English y Use titles on those who we do not know on a first name basis It is a sign of respect Certain rolespositionsprofessions are higher so you use titles such rdas Doctor Professor Your Honor Her Queenusing the 3 person her y Varies from culture to culture o Example no word for lawyer but in Italian there is TitleImplications MrNeutral can be married or not MrsMarriage Miss Ms Professor Crucial profession so you get title Doctor SirMadam Someone older Presentation the way they are dressed doesnt matter to much the age does Ladies and gentlemen Friends and neighborsy Doesnt matter if male is married or not but for the female it does y Hard to change title from where you first hear it o Example Took 7 years for professor to call his own professor by his name First introduced as professor so calling him by something else because you are not used to it y The above list is not linguistic anymore it is social y The little cues make a big difference not the big things Language and Gender y Womens and mens speech y Island of Carib in the West Indies y Men and women refer to things differently for some wordso Men is the doer Women is the observer y If its feminine it probably comes from a matriarchal society The words used in that society more And part of patriarchal society if masculine word y In many societies men and women are expected to use different forms of speech in specific ways In English too certain mannerisms of speech appear to be gendercoded If so how might women and men intentionally differentiate themselves if they so desire to communicate the following things in English y A tag questiono This is a great course isnt it y This speech manner wants to compliance during the sentence
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