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Marcel Danesi

Ernie Tam20110927Lecture3ExcercisesWords Below are English words that have been constructed anomalously Ysing simple explanations indicate what is anomalus about them a uncorrectuncorrect has the wrong prefix as it should be incorrect b churchsChurches more effort to say Plural suffix is not just S It will be adjusted in order to make pronunciation effortless Study of how words are formedMorphologyMouses Overgeneralizationd Groupmentment is not correct Groupinge symblemSymbol or symbols f ambigualambiguousWords are a memory bank Language is not just an abstract object but used to communicate We grow with music and other faculties that distinctively make us humanBelow are English sentences have been constructed anomalously from the standpoint of grammatical structure aHe gone has to the movies Order of wordsthe auxuiliary ihas is before the past participle bAre they where Why where has to be in the beginning All interrogatives of that kind are called information based interrogative are placed at the beginning cBrother my is very intelligentIn English brother is a noun my is an adjective and comes before the noun Eg Good brother bad brother nice brother dShe not is coming to the party on Saturday not should be after the copular verb eThe love conquers allLove conquers all The food conquers hunger aLove is direct It is not a synthetic and called a mass noun Below are English utterances that have been constructed anomalously from the standpoint of usage Using simple explanations indicate what is anomalous about them aGlad to make your acquaintance Mr Smith How the heck are you pragmatics registers is offSituation is off levels of formality bMother tell your husband that I am going out Using language in a different way ctelephone communication Hello who is it Im Mary This is Mary
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