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Marcel Danesi

Lec 1 Introduction January-09-13 2:00 PM Lec 1 Intro... Prof Danesi ANT322 Adolescence and Youth Culture - adolescence = anyone who left the family to find work, social personae, independence from the family - 1904 Stanley G Paul ○ Used this word 'adolescence' = distinct stage of development ○ Childhood - puberty -maturity (adulthood) ○ Adolescence is not completely or necessarily a biological phenomenon (puberty is) but adolescence is a cultural construct - Adolescence = culturally based Childhood and Adolescence as Social constructs - "I need it.." - Confabulation* ○ You need something for some reason, lies - Social constructs = something that is needed ○ Wasn’t there before, so we invent it ○ When we create it - must institutionalize it ○ People come together as 'peer groups'  Create a reality all of its own  Own self-fulfilling prophecy - Privileges changes ○ Education/schooling ○ Obligatory education (now it is you have to go to school until 16 yrs old? Or 18) - Economic situations - Develop laws - Cultural - Medieval times: children were not considered 'children' ○ If you were 5 years old and can stand and walk - go to work ○ Maturity expected later - 19thc, fairytales, disney movies, peter pan, childhood = invented - Staying young forever - Adolescence = physical, social, emotional state, Birth-Puberty-Death - Youth culture produces narrative stories, music that deal with the main themes: sex and death - 1950: mortality is an issue, sex connected to death - 2 greek gods that rep these 2 themes: ○ Eros, Thanapples B (birth = a passage rite, always accompanied by acknowledgement: name giving..) D (death) Birth Puberty 20s 40s 60s 80s Death - Between puberty and 20s-30s … there is a certain culture ○ Look, talk, dress, lifestyle ○ Emotionally charged period - Youth has become a state of culture* Adolescent versus Teenager - Diff between adolescence and teenager ○ Adolescence = we all go through it, adolescence becoming adult (body slowing down, habits forming) ○ Teenagers = partake in rocknroll, hip hop ○ There are lifestyle difference - Rebellion = major theme in youth culture ○ Clothing, hairstyle, ○ Can be political ○ Rebellion most of the time mean that there is something wrong with the world I am living in right now, so I will change it ○ Revolution, change.. Many societies don't look at young people for change, deny change - "counter culture movement"* - Teenager = young person who participates in a certain culture, whereas adolescence doesn't Generation Gap Theory - After puberty, you will remove yourself from your parents ideologically - In many ways also - emotionally = Arguments ○ In childhood, arguments did not really occur - Idea = as soon as you hit puberty you have to be mature, but this is gone? Lectures Page 1 - Idea = as soon as you hit puberty you have to be mature, but this is gone? Coolness and Hipness - The "look" back in the day: ○ Popped collar, cigarette (use of props, even if not smoking), hair
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