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Marcel Danesi

Lec 2 Rebellion January-16-13 2:05 PM Lec 2 Rebe... Still in Chapter 1 - Music is important to understand youth culture - Know - rock and roll, punk, rap, hippie, … - "the Beat writers" - Hipsters -> used to describe people with thick-rimmed glasses, people who are not mainstream Youtube videos: 1) Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley (music video) - Called his music 'work of the devil' - The shaking of his pelvis was seen as obscene - Location: took place in (artificial) jail  Rebels - Not sung melodically - Lots of flexibility - not played note by note on a score - Body music - and about the body too - Drums -> give the beat - G C D G (tonic, subdominant, dominant, tonic) 2) Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode - Electric guitar  Introduced to rock and roll because it was loud  Males played the electric guitar - Chuck Berry was black - white people were accompanying him  The music was fun 3) The platters - only you - Ballade of rock and roll  Ballade = type of song, first just poetry with just rhythm, and when sung becomes a 'Ballade" - About romance Rebellion - Music brings back nostalgic memories - Connected to concept of what youth is - Rock and roll • Body in constant motion • Electric guitar, drums • The era where the composer was also the performer • The bass • Music never really resolves • Juke boxes - Many rock and roll singers rarely had lessons - Jailhouse and Johnny B Goode = both had themes of sex • Excitement - Only you = romance - Gender, racial, stereotypes breaking, music is becoming more transgressive • Minimal musical patterns - Movie: Salt (background music by Glass) - Understand the etiology - understand how something evolved - Commodity culture - it comes and goes - Best way to rebel = artist ; most meaningful - Taking risks; invincibility Thermes Eros (Sex) - Thanatos (death) - Asymmetry between physical maturity -emotional growth - social and legal definitions of adolescence - Body image emerges as a powerful emotion What is a teenager? Lectures Page 1 What is a teenager? - Historically, no such idea emerged until the late 19thc - Let the 1920s to: Flappers and Flaming youth • Flappers = big hats girls wore • Females wore skirts that showed their knees
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