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ANT322 Lec 3 Rebellion continued..pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Marcel Danesi

Lec 3 Rebellion continued.. 2:01 PM Lec 3 Subc... Lec 3 Rebe... Rebellion - Why most young people rebel, at least symbolically? ○ 'cutting the embilical cord' from the parents (metaphor) ○ Prodigal Son, and Buddha ○ Economic affluence, financial means ○ Change in structure of society ○ Young people have the money and time ○ May be instinctual ○ Who am i? and Where am I going? ○ Two themes: sex and death - Subversion versus transgression ○ Subversion is real  e.g. "I'm not leaving until you make this course not mandatory!" ○ Transgression  e.g. Chuck Berry - how he danced/ acted on stage seemed dangerous  The text becomes you  You're affected by something deeply - Rebellion is also style: the walk, the look, the talk ○ "cool" ○ Cool is a style, an attitude, a feeling ○ This can be transgressive ○ Hip became cool, jazz movement - 1950s - A culture needs a group of people who shares, beliefs, aesthetic forms, ... - Parallel culture = youth culture - A new era began when the first 3 icons died on that plane crash - Rebellion of style ○ e.g. Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley ○ How their lifestyle is different than adults - A culture to be a culture - it has to start something, there has to be prescendent, to start it in motion - Is there such a thing as youth culture? - no? - "rebel without a cause" - movie Rockers: Elvis culture - Definite features - dress, look and language - Language is crucial - 'slang' ○ e,g, cool, suave, dark, geek, nerd, jock (into sports, but dumb, loves himself) - Beer - people drank a case of beer - Later marijuana and drugs - 'hanging out' - diners, listening to music - 'Hairspray' movie - 'jailhouse rock' - suggests that we are the outlaws, but we are not criminals - Elvis was most iconic ○ Took his music from blacks ○ 'gospel culture' - Rock and roll = shout, loud, - Guitar - symbolism built into it - Guitar - symbolism built into it Jailhouse Rock: association with criminality - Juvenile delinquency - First true motorcycle gang
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