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Marcel Danesi

Lec 4 Rebellion cont. January-30-13 1:59 PM Lec 4 - So far - Danesi Chapter 1 and 2 textbook (themes) - Sections from Miller reading (next week) Rebellion - can be moving away from the family, extended period of adolescence, - Rebellion is natural = trauma theory, you feel trauma about something and you react to it by rebelling - Cultural rebellion - - "act your age" - Rebellion in performance - Rebelling against anything - Display of rebellion is the same as action - Emotional culture not rational Rebel without a Cause - Chicken game scene - Dangling of the cigarette - 'cool', 'tough' - Clothing, cars, cigarette, hair Blackboard jungle - dance scene "rock around the clock" - Early anthem of rock and roll - Meant rebellion and sexual activity Counterculture - Early part, before it became philosophical "Satisfaction" - The Rolling Stone Lucy in the sky with diamonds - Beatles Forever young syndrome - All good things come from young people - And all bad come from old people Our world has become a collage culture Cooption - Occultism becomes a part of lifestyle (astrology) - the end of counterculture movement - 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders ○ Idea of a cult leader ○ Leaders could be a rock musician ○ Charlie Manson wanted power and control ○ He formed a commune ○ He wants to put the world to an end - 'helter-skelter' ○ He sent women to kill the rich people - After 1969bands became more focused on cultism Neo-movements: Grunge and the rise of geeks - Goths are a strong subculutre - Goths removes him/herself from the culture - Bricolage = term by Claude Levy Strauss ○ Viewed with meaning, ○ 'view of death' ○ Goth culture is about embracing death (symbolic embracement) - Goth bands = spin-off of punk - Opposites - goths think of night in the absence of day, whereas we think of day as absence of night - Subcultures are truly categorized by bricolage Subcultures - Goths - Hip-hop/ rap culture (particularly gangster rap) - Raves Lectures Page 1 Geek code: language, technology, video games, and the like to keep themselves different
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