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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Marcel Danesi

ANT322 Lecture 5 – Rebellion Conclusion and Subculture February 6, 2013 • The report is 1 to 2 pages, can be point form. • Chicago style referencing • Take any 2 readings from the Miller text • Rebellion never really goes away when discussing youth culture • We must declare our independence and it could be imaginary rebellion. In Iran, there is a huge youth rebellion culture. They recently adopted hip hop culture. • • Rebellion can be a passing phase but it is a self-style of its own kind. It evolves spontaneously among different generations. • In recent times, there have been no rebellion movements. Theme of subculture Mark Twain He wrote books on the coming of age and the dynamics between whites and blacks. He was the • first writer of fiction to talk about the coming of age. He outlines the cleverness of youth and understanding the concreteness of the present (living in the moment). Twain was also satirical: • You must be polite to elders • Youth must heed advice (go to bed early, get up early, read good books (books with morality) etc.) • These are roles placed upon youth. These notions have started to deteriorate in more modern times. Maya Angelou • Acts of rebellion to a young woman has more meaning than acts of rebellion to youth. Rise up against the ashes of the past to make something meaningful. • Racial slurs, etc. (epithets) says that racial change comes from the young (professor says that it should be the young and the old) • Whether it is true or not, older people do not rebel. The older man and young person can share the same space. Michael Moore • He is a social activist, using the media to cause a reaction. • He looks at idiocy in school. We form cliques, act in a way that we wouldn't act in childhood or adulthood, etc. and these are all stupid. • In a high school, the youth runs the system. • Psychobabble of educational theories. Education is so variable that coming up with educational theories is all untrue. • There is the relationship you form with teachers. • You have to be subversive towards the high school. Ask why and challenge to sy
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