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Marcel Danesi

4: Jan 30 (Miller-20) 2/6/2013 11:22:00 AM Mark Twain  Youth must be polite to elders  Youth must heed advice (go to bed early, get up early, read good books, etc.) o “why must youth always heed advice? o Every young person wants to be just the opposite of everyone else  Go to bed late  This is a cultural event: after midnight  Goes back to the 1920s when the young people went to bed and the old people went out at midnight Maya Angelou  Acts of rebellion  Racial epithets (racial change comes from the youth) Michael Moore  Idiocy in school  Role of the school in youth  Psychobabble of educational theories  How to be subversive towards the high school o Mock the value of student councils o Start a school club for freedom of speech o Launch your own newspaper or webzine or blog o Get involved in community  Michael Moore looks at all educational theories and calls them psychobabble o There is no theory of learning and teaching  The only real thing is the relationship you develop with your teacher Judith Rich Harris  Nurture vs. environment  The science of studying children?  What children learn at ho
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