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Marcel Danesi

Lec 8 Miller 3 & 4 Readings March-13-13 2:09 PM Lec 8 Miller 3, 4, 5 on final. (0) Birth infancy Childhood Adolescence (Puberty) Adulthood Death (80) (18-30) (30-65) Miller Part 3 Esmeralda Santiago - Jobs in youth ○ Have social value, not just economic - Tradition - if you are in school, you're in school - People have jobs for different reasons: ○ Social ○ Survival ○ Just for the money - Relationship of daughter and mother ○ Different generations ○ Relationship in the family ○ The family unit = crucial, but is changing drastically ○ Generation gap is gone? ○ Concept of maturity - has changed ○ Reflected in legal system, economic system .. Joyce Carol Oates - Family vs peers - Peer groups replace family - Conformity to family expectations - Influence of peers to family cohesion - Thursday nights? Friday night hangout Louise J. Kaplan** - Psychologist - Rite of passage ○ Do we have any? ○ Birth, graduation, wedding, defining age, funeral ○ Symbolism ○ Celebrated with a religious notion - e.g. baptism - Are there any today in contemporary urbanized cultures? - Why do older generations view younger ones as rebellious? Naomi Wolf - Femininity and womanhood in adolescence - Lack of formal coming of age rituals a problem - Body image is important in females especially ○ Will I be accepted? ○ Will I be beautiful if I looked this way? Or that way? ○ What is considered beautiful? ○ Body image has become a problem period. - A bigger body used to mean = healthy, rich - A bigger body used to mean = healthy, rich - People try to be young: plastic surgery, implants, cosmetics Bruno Bettelheim - Is adolescence different today that it was in the past? ○ The culture is juvenilizing - Different view from Zimbabwe - Relation of father and son ○ In some cultures is absolutely crucial ○ In all patriarchal cultures = father is the head of the family ○ Authoritative figure - Speech between generation ○ Technology has diffused "emotional noise" between diff generations ○ Text-messaging is easier than face-to-face Christopher Noxon - Growing up - what is it? - The pop culture of youth (from Dr. Seuss to Hip hop) ○ Starts in childhood ○ Phonologi
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