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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 and 3 - Dinesi Rebellion - January 15.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Marcel Danesi

January 15, 2014. Lecture 2 – Rebellion What’s Rebellion? • Not doing what parents or authority figures want you to do • Why rebellion? o To make a point, to be different, to express oneself, to fight back • Elvis Culture o Revolved around the highschool; social locus where rebellion can take place o Electric guitar hype; gets big o Phallic symbol; women in punk rock taking it “into their own hands” was powerfully symbolic o Whitening Black Music  Blues and such gets appropriated • Media effects o Ed Sullivan Variety Show o Began documenting youth rebellion; kind of substantiated it, made it more real • Rebel image o Not playing by the same rules as the rest of society; not dressing the same; not listening to the same music; etc. o Slang language used more; words like cool or hip used more o Women smoking; not supposed to be a thing they do  Smoking in general and the way in which people smoked was a symbol of the rebel image; a performance • The Rocker Code o Dress code: Elvis, James Dean, sometimes splashy, “glitzy” jackets, poodle skirts o Couldn’t go to school dressed like that; unless there was a Sock Hop (school dance with rock bands and dancing in socks) • Cool o Love, sex, and rock and roll o Hairspray o Rebel Without a Cause  O.g. Grease, similar themes; opposing gangs clash and dish it out with car races, etc. • The Blackboard Jungle o Students have become disobedient in school o Blackboard world has become a jungle; teenagers as “savages” • 1960s war-related revolution o “Make love, not war” o People specifically protested the Vietnam war but overall people later began talking about the uselessness of war in general • The Wild One [1953] o The movie that made motorcycle gangs a reality o Era of boots, jackets, bikes, etc. • Jukebox as symbol of rebellion • Era of homophobia and racism and sexism? o Not with the youth; the adults had this, the youth didn’t. o Elvis singing black music; men and wome
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