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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Gender and Religion - February 12.docx

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Mahiye Secil Dagtas

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February 12, 2014. Lecture 6 - Gender and Religion Today • What role does gender paly in the way religion is communicated, practiced, and embodied? • How do women relate to religious discourses and practices? • What is the blah blah blah • General Themes o Gender o Embodiment o The Personal-Social (identity/subjectivity-agency, being/becoming) o Modernity o Politics Gender • Sex vs. Gender o Sex relating to genetic and physical body o Gender more about social/cultural roles expressed or imposed upon an individual; identity • Western monolithic assumptions about gender • Universality of female subordination o Anthropological engagement with how both sexual and gender-related ideas about femininity can result in universal subordination of women • Critiques of binary models and theories of intersectionality • In the texts o Women’s perspectives, practices, and agency o Different models and ideals of femininity o Focus on societal gender norms o The significance of the body  Women make themselves subjects by working on and acting their bodies; making their bodies the agent of transformation of both themselves and the society in which they live  Veils come into this picture; to veil or not to veil • The Light in Her Eyes? (film trailer) o Tensions in modern society in roles assigned to women; becoming educated vs. marrying early and taking care of the home o Mosque movement in Egypt/Syria/Middle East; studying the Qur’an as a way to remain informed rather than being misled by people who want to control women under the guise of “religious law” o Engagement with piety functionalist The Body • Vehicle by which we can perform actions that reflect our religious beliefs o E.g., not just religious clothing and symbols but also pilgrimage, fasting, certain prayer positions, volunteering and charity work o Combine imagined and lived worlds (ethos and worldview: Geertz; sacred and profane: Durkheim) o Rites of initiation; in-between; intermediary process o Lester: Medium between the worldly and spiritual aspects of the self • Sociality of rituals (Turner: communitas); how we should keep into consideration both social relations established through performing ritual but also political and historical The • Ritual o context in which rituals take place o Agency of ritual in bringing about change; active or passive?  Not just expressing belief but also can be used to create belief o Geertz: “Where for visitors religious performances can only be presentations of a particular religious perspective, for participants they are in addition enactments, materializations, realizations of it – not only models of what they believe, but also models for the believing of it. In these plastic dramas men atta
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