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Hillary Cunningham

Lecture 1 Intro to course January-08-14 12:00 PM ANT376 - Anthropology of Animals Rm 2135 12-2pm Dr. Hilary Cunningham Scharper - Her cat named Wilber TAs: - Rachel Levine, and Daniella Jofrey Assistant lighthouse keeper, month of August - Decommissioned lighthouse, all solar powered, - Lighthouses are part of the historical heritage of the area - Community groups have taken over the lighthouses from the government and turned into a heritage site, with volunteers looking after it - Georgian Bay - Life slows down, mindscape changes, different rhythm to the day - Thinking a lot - Her husband almost got drowned, reminded her that it is not a place where humans were meant to be - Animals ○ Brown nose bats - disease: white nose disease - white fungus form on membrane of bats, and wakes them up in the middle of the night and they are starved to death  Part of conservation project to save these bats ○ Hunters - fishers, bears ○ Family traditions ○ People bring domesticated dogs to the area - Conservation of animals are more ethical than humans (government put more importance in animals) - This wilderness area is a contested ecology, contested ideology ○ Allows us to begin to develop critical frameworks ○ Question ideas and places like the wilderness Bruce Peninsula National Park / Cabot Head Nature Reserve - Est in 1987, the Bruce Peninsula National Park stands as one of the last untouched wilderness areas in southern Ontario… - Classification 5 = most restrictive classification of national park ○ Meaning restricted human intervention ○ Limited amount of outside materials into the park ○ Human presence is reduced ○ Salient for ecological processes and animals - Birding station - birders look at migration and health of birds Prelapsarian (landscape) - Characteristic of or belonging to the time or state before the fall of humankind ○ e.g. wilderness (good example of this term) - 'heaven on earth' metaphor - What kind of place is wilderness supposed to be? - De-emphasizing human - What to anticipate in wilderness:  Peace, serene, quiet  Nightsky - stars  Vastness, awe, terror, discomfort  Sense of connectedness , no distractions  No human interventions/activity (no humans are pictured in wilderness) - in a way untouched by humans - Adam and Eve ○ Judeo-Christian begin in the wilderness ○ They disobey God's version, and eat from the tree of knowledge, and leave paradise ○ Notion of pristine notion (untouched) ○ Threshold of creation, creating the human ○ Spiritual landscape What makes humans and animals different, emotions.. The National Parks: America's Best Idea, 2009 - Ken Burns - Film - Affect - What is evoking (emotions) in you? - Think of the musical score, think of the category of wilderness - Although human presence is de-emphasized..there are other expectations that are expected to find - e.g. animals - "Human" animal and the other animal - What kind of animal we are expected to encounter or meet in the wilderness? And how is it characterized? - Wolves: perfect example of animal before humans
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