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ANT376 Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Hillary Cunningham

Lecture 5 Association and Dissociation February-06-14 1:01 PM Human-animal divide - Association / dissociation Association (continuity) Dissociation (Discontinuty / alienation) Similarity Superiority continuity Difference Separation - Express in contradictory and rigid ways - Fluid and flexible - think about how it is played out King Kong (1933) - Carl Denim and his 'bait'/'gang'/'crew end up on a exotic island far away, and come into contact with a group of 'primitive'/'native' people - They ask to trade 6 of their women for Ann Darol (the white woman) - Apes and the theory of how humans are related to them - Suggests social darwinism (hierarchical model - diagonal) ○ Primitive person (physically diff), closer to animal world, evolution is not just a progression, but it is a movement toward the white civilized male ○ Racialised landscape ○ Primitive-civilized thinking / dualism - The chief of the tribe and Carl Denim have some similarities ○ They treat women as objects / system of exchange (commodities) ○ They value the 'golden woman' ○ The Chief in the tribe believes that the white woman (Ann Darol), is worth at least 6-7 of HIS tribal woman ○ Ape + primitive + civilized -> all value the 'golden woman' ○ Kong is discrimatory - he can tell what is real beauty and what is not  The scene where he is climbing on the building of NYC and in search of Ann Darol (who was blonde), when Kong finds a woman sleeping in her room, he picks her up thinking it is Ann, but it turns out it wasn't … and Kong realizes this and sees she is not as beautiful as Ann...and drops her (brunette and not Ann), and kills her. - "It is beauty that killed the beast" (Carl Denim) - ending scene Concept of a "Discourse" … (after reading week) Primativism Franz Kafka (1883-1924): "Metamorphosis" (will be playing on stage) - WW1 time - Weird, bizarre, intriguing, profound story about Gregor Samsa who woke up as a cockroach - Animal-human dualism/divide, complex, contradictory - Problematize the dualism - Post-structuralism, post-modernism - Kafka … is he showing how absurd the divide is? - It just happens… how? Why doesn't he want to reverse to original state? - Gregor loses speech as a cockroach - Is Kafka playing with Descarte's notion of thought and speech? - Gregor - - Cartesian speech taken away from him, but he has thoughts… Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995) and Felix Guattari (1930-1992) "Becoming-Animal" + Herman Melvill (1819-1891) "Moby Dick"(1851) - "becoming animal" -> "rhizome" ○ Rhizome = non linear ○ Animal becoming - Melville wrote a book ab
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